All About ITC 2022

What is ITC 2022

Hilti IT Competition (ITC) is an annual IT competition to encourage students of all disciplines around the world to come up with innovative IT solutions to overcome challenges faced by the construction industry.

As Hilti ITC approaches its 10-year anniversary, we can see that the ITC has come a long way in providing a platform for young talents to tackle these challenges with ingenious and modern solutions using mobile apps, communication and collaboration software, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, and even remote working and collaborative inventions. Not only did this competition provide a space for university students to develop and pitch their innovative solutions but also paved the way forward to a great career start at Hilti.

With the rise of cyberattacks, companies and institutions are taking the additional steps required to ensure that they are protected from these threats. Employees are often considered crucial to detect malicious activities when technologies are not able to. Thus, making it necessary for them to understand the importance of cybersecurity. However, the traditional approach to these awareness-raising campaigns does not attract many employees. Hence, it will be better when modern teaching techniques, namely gamification, are incorporated into these awareness campaigns to ensure these employees are engaged and can easily absorb the necessary information and skills. The ITC 2022 aims to inspire participants into thinking within the Hilti context on how gamification can be used to improve cybersecurity awareness.

Our Company

Hilti is a multinational company that offers premium products and services for professionals on construction sites around the globe. Behind this vast catalogue is a global team comprising of team members from 133 different nationalities located in more than 120 countries. While we have achieved success in the past, we are never complacent. As a future ready company, Hilti is always committed in providing innovative solutions that allow the company to serve its customers better.


The Hilti IT Competition 2022 focuses on gamifying cybersecurity awareness in the construction industry. As exemplified in many recent documented cybersecurity breaches, the human element plays a vital role in ensuring the resiliency of the IT infrastructure of any modern organization. Cybercriminals often target employees as an entry into an enterprise as employees have access to information and systems. Hence, these topics could be addressed, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Social Engineering
  • Phishing
  • Device and Password Security
  • Ransomware and Malware
Social engineering is the term used to describe interpersonal influence with the aim of inducing certain behaviors, for example, making them expose confidential information. The manipulation of employees by attackers is seen as a big threat, because no technology can prevent people from providing insights into our company data. Therefore, we are searching for an attractive way to ensure that these manipulation tactics are acknowledged by our employees to help them identify malicious attempts before it’s too late.
Attackers use phishing emails to get hold of sensitive information or gain permanent access to devices and accounts by masquerading as a trusted provider. We are constantly finding new and innovative ways to ensure that Hilti employees check the sender and salutation, ensure links and attachments are valid and to never provide their credentials on non-company websites. We aim to find additional training possibilities to integrate the detection and right reaction in the daily business of our employees.
The global pandemic has transformed the way we work with the adoption of remote work. Most Hilti employees who are working remotely are allowed to use their own devices. Therefore, we are seeking new ways to better educate our people to ensure confidential information is not stored in their personal devices, to use approved applications and to only use known and secure networks. By doing so, we hope to avert unwanted synchronization with unknown devices and networks to prevent data loss. Keeping in mind that practicing good password hygiene is one of the most essential security measures to deter online intruders. We need to find a solution to overcome the bias seeing cybersecurity as additional effort and ensuring that our employees know how to prevent setting up additional entry points for attackers.
Ransomware, also known as extortion trojans or blackmail software, are malicious programs which help the intruder to access company data and encrypt the available data to request large amounts of money. Many companies have been affected by ransomware and the trend is increasing. We would like our employees to understand the risk that ransomware can bring our business to a standstill and can affect our revenue and reputation. Therefore, it is our goal to bring the topic closer to our employees so that everyone understands how crucial they are in protecting Hilti from being compromised by these cyberattacks.

Why should you participate

  • Build your skills

    You will be able to build your skills within the area of IT. You will have an opportunity to build your presentation and communication skills by showcasing your project to industry experts and receive constructive feedback.
  • Build your experience

    Compete against like-minded individuals from all over the world. You will have the chance to meet leading technologists, subject matter experts. This is an opportunity to put yourself, your educators, and your university on the world map.
  • Build your career

    All finalists will receive a fast-track application to a paid internship with Hilti. The internship will provide finalists with the chance to develop their ideas and bring it to life at Hilti. This will also allow us the opportunity to identify talented individuals such as yourselves to be a potential hire at Hilti.